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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Adam Steinfeld introduces a new World Illusion exclusive, he calls; "PRESENT", a tall girl steps into a tiny box elevated in-the-air, spins 360 degrees, and she vanishes without a trace, it's all new illusion designed by Mark Parker, fabricated by Chris Murphy.

WORLD RIGHTS purchased by Adam Steinfeld in 2005.

Steinfeld's "magic think tank" consists of himself and a small number of very creative magic thinkers in different parts of the world from London, Orlando to Las Vegas. "We brainstorm ideas for new inventive illusions suited for my unique style" says Steinfeld.

Mr. Steinfeld has appeared on many national television shows including "the Statler Brothers" on TNN, set a Guinness record in magic by performing 102 magic tricks in 3 min. 13 sec, and performed Houdini Water Torture cell illusion in front of 3 thousand people on stage in Hong Kong, China in Christmas 2000. It's his amazing ability that has Adam selling out nightly at the fun & exciting Alhambra Casino, Aruba and keeps awestruck audiences to believe that nothing is impossible.

Showtimes; 9PM Mon.-Wed.-Thurs.-Fri.-Sat. (theater opens 8:30PM) Tickets purchased at the door, Families welcome and enter through Alhambra Casino shopping Village.

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