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Sunday, November 15, 2009

ADAM STEINFELD Magic Live!® theater-of-illusions Magician - Comedian Live Show Producer ADAM STEINFELD, is an award-winning american magician, stage illusionist, comedian, filmmaker, photographer, author; who graduated from the University of Miami, with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinematography & Communications, he lives on the tropical dutch island of Aruba, part of the year and south florida - his magic live show tours have taken him around the world, from monte carlo, hong kong, to aruba, and beyond.

ADAM STEINFELD is currently developing a permanent brand of live grand illusion, magic & comedy theater shows available for longer on-going runs in casinos, entertainment attractions, resorts & touring. WATCH THIS SITE FOR UPCOMING ANNOUNCEMENTS of the all-new Magic Live!® theater-of-illusions, Comedy On the Beach shows. PRESS INFO website: www.MagicLive.com bio magician: Adam Steinfeld blog: www.MagicOnTheBeach.com *PRESS SHOW PHOTOS e-mail: Adam@MagicLive.com corporate office: (954) 323-2160 USA, south florida MAGIC LIVE! is a registered USPTO trademark of Adam Steinfeld, in use since 1999.