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Sunday, March 14, 2010

WESTIN, aruba NEW VENUE about: Magic Live!® theater-of-illusions, comedy show starring, Adam Steinfeld at the Westin-aruba. 9PM nightly, (7 days a week) is a full evening of grand illusions, comedy & magic featuring original never before seen stage illusions... "better than excellent, it's outstanding," a lot of fun from start to finish, laugh out-loud funny, a thrill ride, intelligent, sophisticated, unconventional grand illusions, that will keep you asking how the heck did he do that! at the Westin-Aruba, nightly 9PM (7 nights a week), theater located just off the lobby THUMBS UP! SEE IT LIVE ONSTAGE, Adam Steinfeld, Magic Live! is fun, hip comedy entertainment, a thrill ride from start to finish. "I loved the show, you're GREAT!, FANTASTIC! I've seen you like 3 times, and I could see you over and over again. -Yolanda Cellucci , Boston, Mass "it's the best magic show, we've ever seen...it's a must see!" -Leopold family, New York VIDEO clip teaser, magician, Adam Steinfeld, performs a bit of street magic, at the Westin-aruba cocktail party, and praise that follows of his theater illusion show .