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Friday, March 08, 2013

That's a WRAP!, a TOAST! and a MAGICAL CHEER!...now back in USA!
 Palm Beach, ARUBA

 .....my lovely magic babes & I, toasting final MAGIC LIVE® show of season, (in Aruba)....say it ain't so?????....after a successful, three year run, presenting nonstop shows, one of the most successful permanent magic/illusion shows ever, in Aruba, and shooting several TV projects as well, at the same time....it's time to bring it back to USA, to expand our MAGIC LIVE!® brand, with larger audiences...a big thank you to all the media in Aruba, our loyal fans & tourists, many repeated over; over again.

 So long, farewell, it's been fun, until next time, see ya later, that's a WRAP!

MAGIC LIVE!®, is a USPTO, registered trademark of, Adam Steinfeld, in use since, 1999.