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Monday, October 05, 2015

photo: MAGIC LIVE!®  
KISS of the ZOMBIE, Magicman, Adam Steinfeld, and
the lovely, actress, Sharina, capture real-live zombies.

                        MAGIC LIVE!® 
         KISS of the ZOMBIE
South Florida.
magicman, director, creator, Adam Steinfeld, & and actress, Sharina, of, MAGIC LIVE!® gearing up, for an upcoming shoot, of horror, comedy, and intrigue, a twisted-tale film and live show; mixing, elements of grand illusion, and magic. 

Spooktacular Magic & Mayhem. 


©2015 ADAM STEINFELD.  All rights reserved. 
Magic Live!® workmark and the Magic Live!® Logo are USPTO registered trademarks of Adam Steinfeld, in use, since 1999.