Sunday, February 26, 2017

 Astonishing! Exciting! Mystifying! Fun!
MAGIC LIVE! ® starring Adam Steinfeld

over 2,400 theater shows at two major casino resorts
one of the longest running permanent magic theater shows

Prepare to Witness Top-Class Illusions, Magic and Comedy on Stage.
Magic Live! show starring Adam Steinfeld, is pure fun and excitement in a 'What's going to happen', next atmosphere.

Sensational! Amazingly Funny! Solid Laughs! The Hottest Ticket in Town!

 An amazing night of Magic, Grand Illusions and Comedy, superb magic at it's highest level, a lot of fun from start to finish, laugh-out-loud funny, intelligent, sophisticated, unconventional grand illusions, that will keep you asking, 'how the heck did he do that?'


"Magic Live!®
theater-of-illusions Hip Comedy Entertainment, Adam is the ultimate  
modern magician. Better than excellent!" 
CBS-TV Jacque Polak

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