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Friday, April 21, 2006

Nothing UP MY Sleeve! at the ADAM STEINFELD MAGICLIVE! show, Aladdin Theater showroom, Alhambra Casino.

Photo Caption: Illusionist Magician/Comedian, Adam Steinfeld, the lovely Yvette & Susanna, MagicLive! babes, brings the beach inside the theater with an all new never-before-seen original invention Steinfeld calls; THE BEACH.
Photo by; Walid Zeidan

Story by; Brent Gorenberg

ORANJESTAND, Aruba - Illusionist, magician/comedian ADAM STEINFELD breaks new ground with an amazing all new original illusion of his own invention, he calls; THE BEACH. "It's been two years in development said Steinfeld after the show at the Alhambra Casino, on the tropical island of Aruba, but I think we really pulled it off this time", based on an original idea by Steinfeld, that mixes girls in bikini's in a beach setting... this is not your grandfathers magic show, it's nothing what you thought a magician is, no boxes, no swords sliced through the girl and especially no tigers!

Steinfeld takes the audience to-the-beach with the most hilarious, sexy, yet puzzeling conundrum ever to be presented on a single stage. I went back to see the show a 2nd time the next day, and still couldn't figure out the secret.

Tourists & local fans are loyal to Steinfeld many returning for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th time.You'll see all this and much much more at; the Adam Steinfeld MagicLive! show, Alhambra Casino, Aruba nightly 9PM nightly. More info at; http://www.magiclive.com/

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