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Friday, May 19, 2006

Photo: Adam Steinfeld (L) celebrates his final show on the resort island of Aruba with cast & crew of MagicLive!
ALL GOOD THINGS must come to an end, MagicLive! starring Adam Steinfeld, closes in Aruba... now back in USA.

One of the most successful permanent magic, grand illusion comedy shows ever, (5 years, 1,118 shows) at Aruba resort casino, that mixed many of Adam Steinfeld's original grand illusions with interactive comedy, highly praised by tourists around the world and magic leaders alike, that started out as a 6 week booking on July 27, 2001, ended it's long 5 year run with it's last show on the resort island of Aruba, Sat. April 22, 2006.

Now back in USA, Adam laughs (while sipping on a Heineken), at this tremendous accomplishment of his long running MagicLive! show, "what I wanted to do in life was be the best in my line, the best in the business and never to change directions from that course, well, I think our MagicLive team came really close, featuring many never-before-seen illusions... our next step is a larger permanent theater in USA, in a major tourist market.

"My MagicLive! lovely dancers, Perlita, Evette, Susanna, Ani, Victoria, Brooke, Angelique, Patricia, Linda, Debby, Stella, Sharina, Rhoda, Evelien, Sabrina, Mindi, Sandra & Princess who I sliced-in-half, foated in-air, added to the what's-going-to-happen next atmosphere each night, made life on the island for me pure fun and was more like living in a dream and never seemed like work."

"Also, thank you to my backstage crew Walid, Terrance, Derick, and the fantastic tourists who visted our show year after year, who became more like personal friends and of course the wonderful people in Aruba."

"Sorry to say farewell to Aruba but the best is yet to come!" As the Adam Steinfeld MagicLive! show expands to a larger theater in USA.

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