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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ADAM STEINFELD: 'MAGIC LIVE!' Night Magic - Comedy - Master of Illusions Steinfeld's likable on-stage personality, comic interactive-wit, and amazing magic, mixed with his dream-like theatre-of-illusions, is a sensory overload of the imagination, along with his lovely dancers...a treat for the entire family. SEE IT LIVE! On-Stage! "It's obvious Adam's real passion is performing in front of a live audience, as his charisma and charm create an unforgettable show!" Steinfeld is a 'Master of Magic', he invents many of his own Las Vegas illusions that are designed in England, fabricated in Vegas, and travels with him on tour, in a explosion of amazing fun. THE MUST-SEE SHOW - YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT! AROUND THE WORLD AND BACK, Adam Steinfeld: 'MAGIC LIVE!', from Monte Carlo, Hong Kong, Orlando, Miami Beach, Biloxi, Boston, San Juan, New York, Aruba to Vegas, it's the coolest show in town, taking up where Houdini left off." MAGIC - GRAND ILLUSION - COMEDY Magic Live!® is a registered USPTO trademark of Adam Steinfeld