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Monday, June 15, 2009

AMAZINGLY FUNNY!...LIVE ON STAGE! Magic Live!® show starring Adam Steinfeld "I LAUGHED SO HARD MY STOMACH HURT!" ASTONISHING! EXCITING! MYSTFYING! FUN! NIGHT MAGIC: ADAM STEINFELD MAGIC LIVE! theater show "HIP GRAND ILLUSIONS and HILARIOUS COMEDY...TOUR DE FORCE SHOW!" "THE SHORTEST DISTANCE BETWEEN WOW AND LAUGH YOUR BUTT-OFF FUNNY!" PHOTO: IN A FLASH... Adam Steinfeld, star of Magic Live!® show, presents, live on stage, one of the fastest illusions on earth. Amazing magic. You won't believe what your eyes are telling you! Magician, Adam Steinfeld and MagicBabe dancers, Victoria (in box), & Debby. MagicBabe dancers; Victoria (center) & Linda (right) Magic Live!® is a registered USPTO trademark of Adam Steinfeld