Sunday, January 29, 2006

Welcome to the MAGIC Live! show starring Adam Steinfeld, at the Alhambra Casino, Aladdin Theater, ARUBA.

TICKETS may be purchased at the box office inside the casino. Showtime 9PM. Mon.-Wed.-Thurs.-Fri.-Sat.

Box office opens at; 7:30PM.

MagicLive! is a registered trademark of Adam Steinfeld.

Friday, January 27, 2006

"My daughters, my son, my husband and I, never laughed so hard...even on the plane home we were still laughing! Thanks Adam, wonderful show."
-Becky, Washington, Pa.

"Adam your MagicLive! show Rocks!"
-Melissa, Boston, MA.

"MagicLive show was great!!! I have 3 kids, 17, 15, 10. all of them were very glad they went to see the show!! And so was I!! Adam got them involved in every magic trick! He was amazing! Please go see it!
-Corinne T.

"Saw the MagicLive! show (starring Adam Steinfeld), last year and enjoyed that...something to consider doing again!"
A must see! -Crammer

"Attention everyone of all ages, for a great way to spend an evening, be sure and attend the Adam Steinfeld Magic Live show at the Alhambra Casino. Compared to other entertainment on the island, the show is very reasonable; which means, you can take the whole family plus some friends!

His interactions and personal touch with the audience makes you feel like you are part of the show.

Our eight year old granddaugher was selected to go on stage and was levitated into the air. She was so thrilled, she could not wait to get home to call her parents in Indiana, her aunt in Louisiana and of course, everyone she has run into on the island. She tells everyone it is a magical secret when asked how the levitation act worked.

We have been residing on the island since October 11, 2001 and will be here until the end of March 2003; if not longer. We have attended several events on the island and want to emphasis that the Adam Steinfeld Magic Live! show with his lovely assistants is at the top of our list. We have had several visitors and plan on others coming in the next few months and will recommend the show to them.

So, what are you waiting for? Get down to the Alhambra Casino and purchase some tickets and get ready to sit back and enjoy a "relaxed", no worries evening." -Bill, Diane and Samantha

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Meet Susanna, the newest dancer/magicians assistant in the Adam Steinfeld MagicLive! show all set on the tropical island of Aruba. Watch her as she "floats to the top of the theater", wrapped in clear glass and spilt in two pieces", & magically appears on stage in an instant. Join Susanna, illusionist/comedian Adam Steinfeld, and all the MagicLive! dancers in the MagicLive! show starring Adam Steinfeld. Details; Alhambra Casino, (Aruba) Aladdin Theater showroom. 9pm Mon.-Wed.-Thurs.-Fri.-Sat. Familes and kids under 18 are welcome & enter through the Alhambra Casino shopping patio. MagicLive! is a registered trademark of Adam Steinfeld Photo by; Adam Steinfeld copyright 2006.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Adam Steinfeld introduces another new original illusion,

"Mail Order Babe!"

Steinfeld as Mini-magician makes things appear in the the most hilarious way imaginable, see it live for yourself, only at the MagicLive! show.

Adam Steinfeld MagicLive!
Alhambra Casino, Aladdin theater showroom
9p.m. nightly Mon.-Wed.-Thurs.-Fri.-Sat.

"I can't believe what my eyes are telling me!" says, Jeanie, NYC

MagicLive! is a registered trademark of Adam Steinfeld

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Says Laura; "Very Cool Illusions. I'm now a huge fan of Adam Steinfeld, Magic Live! show, I wish I could rewind it like a movie and watch it all over again."