Tuesday, March 10, 2015

...the MAGIC WORLD ACCORDING TO; STEINFELD....magician, comedian, film-maker. 

Magician, Comedian, Adam Steinfeld, performs, a comedy-infused, grand illusions, interactive magic show titled, MAGIC LIVE!®...comedy on the beach, in one of the longest running grand illusion shows, at two mega casino resorts, in Aruba, over 2,300 shows. 

Now back, at his home base in, South Florida.

Adam Steinfeld, studied to be a filmmaker, at the University of Miami, while in college, he produced mini-versions, of the Tonight Show, and his final 16mm  short-film dissertation film project titled; "the Box" , on legendary, escape artist, magician, Harry Houdini.

Mr. Steinfeld,  earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film/TV, (Communications), all while performing as  a skilled street style magician,  at upscale nightclubs, that helped put himself through college.

Soon, after graduation Steinfeld's travels, focused on his magic skills, at comedy clubs, and mega-cruise ships , traveling around the world, to performing in one of the longest running permanent magic casino magic shows, over 2,300 recitals, of, Magic Live!®  starring, Adam Steinfeld from 2001-2006 and again, from 2009 to 2013,  at two island casino theater resorts, on the tropical island of; Aruba, only a 3 hour flight, from his home base in South Florida.

No doubt, magicians, played, an early key role, in the development of feature films, and that's one of the reasons, Adam, believed, in that expansion of the Art form of Magic, in film, now many years later, he's,  very much  involved in shooting, writing & editing his own self-produced projects,...from live theater shows, such  as Magic Live!,
"I shot many many shorts, said Steinfeld, using my magic-assistants in the show, as  the actors, and crew in my scripts, but each time, I increased my editing skills, you have to remember, I studied to be a filmmaker years ago, but the new digital film technology, has allowed him to experiment with various stories, on an ultra-low, no budget projects, in fact, one was accepted and screened, at the Aruba film festival, in the summer of; 2012, an experimental short, on a new, Anne Frank statue , from the statues point-of-view, and other shorts."

I wrote it, directed it, and edited myself, several on-line series; Ask Madame Wonder?, Houdini Lives! novel, Magic Island, to a writing collaboration, of my novel, Houdini Lives! , and film-script, Killing Houdini, with award-winning Boston crime author, Al Blanchard.

LATELY, Adam Steinfeld is focusing his on-line TV series, and other projects, including his live comedy grand illusions, magic show, Magic Live!®  

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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

SUPER MAGIC...hip grand illusions, and comedy fun, starring, Adam Steinfeld
what: MAGIC LIVE!®....comedy magic grand illusions show

starring: Adam Steinfeld
who: all ages welcome
what: comedy-infused, interactive magic, grand illusions. 

in a few words: "outstanding," "I laughed so hard my stomach hurt"'

recently awarded: BEST International Magic show
website: www.MagicLive.com 

Two thumbs up!!
MIAMI: comedian, illusionist, Adam Steinfeld, MAGIC LIVE!® show has it all: cute smiling pretty magic-assistants that remind me of my hometown Jets Cheerleaders; big theater Vegas stage illusions but in an intimate theater setting; street style, Blaine, Criss Angel in-your-face; slick card-manipulations that will knock your socks off; hilarious comedy from beginning to end, but clean comedy for all ages; and highly-interactive to thunderous applause. "I laughed so hard, my stomach hurt!" Adam Steinfeld's, quick-wit, improvisational skills mixed with theatrical grand illusions, is hilarious.

Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your family's friends, bring everyone. If you see one show,  this is the show to see. This will be the highlight of your vacation you will always remember! 

Magic is a universal language and appeals to everyone throughout the world. I did see tourists in the theater, not only from New York, and Boston, my hometown of Miami, but from Venezuela, Brazil, Holland, and even Canada. 

©2015 ADAM STEINFELD.  All rights reserved. Magic Live!® and the Magic Live! ® Logo are registered trademarks of Adam Steinfeld.