Wednesday, June 24, 2009

AMAZINGLY FUNNY! MAGIC LIVE!® theater-of-illusions show
ADAM STEINFELD & his lovely MagicBabe dancers
Prepare to Witness Top-Class Illusions, Magic & Comedy on Stage. Magic Live! show starring Adam Steinfeld, is pure fun and excitement in a 'What's going to happen', next atmosphere. Sensational! Amazingly Funny! Solid Laughs! The Hottest Ticket in Town! An amazing night of Magic, Grand Illusions and Comedy, superb magic at it's highest level, a lot of fun from start to finish, laugh-out-loud funny, intelligent, sophisticated, unconventional grand illusions, that will keep you asking, 'how the heck did he do that?'
"Magic Live! theater-of-illusions Hip Comedy Entertainment, Adam is the ultimate modern magician. Better than excellent!" CBS-TV Jacque Polak
MagicBabe dancers, Victoria & Susanna
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Magic Live!® is a registered USPTO trademark of Adam Steinfeld

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MagicMan, Adam Steinfeld takes the audience to the BEACH, with the most hilarious, sexy, yet puzzling conundrum ever to be presented on a single stage. ADAM STEINFELD, and MagicBabe dancers Yvette & Susanna in new illusion "the Beach". Magician, ADAM STEINFELD breaks new ground, an original illusion of his own invention, he calls; THE BEACH. "It's been two years in development said Steinfeld, I think we really pulled it off this time", based on an original idea by Steinfeld, that mixes girls in bikini's in a beach setting... this is not your grandfathers magic show, it's nothing what you thought a magician is, no boxes, no swords sliced through-the-girl...and especially no tigers! I went back to see the show a 2nd time the next day, and still couldn't figure out the secret. ====================================== ..."COME TO MY SHOW OR I'LL SHOOT THE GORILLA!"says, Adam Steinfeld, star of; MagicLive! theater-of-illusions show Magic Live!® is a registered USPTO trademark of Adam Steinfeld
ADAM STEINFELD: 'MAGIC LIVE!' Night Magic - Comedy - Master of Illusions Steinfeld's likable on-stage personality, comic interactive-wit, and amazing magic, mixed with his dream-like theatre-of-illusions, is a sensory overload of the imagination, along with his lovely dancers...a treat for the entire family. SEE IT LIVE! On-Stage! "It's obvious Adam's real passion is performing in front of a live audience, as his charisma and charm create an unforgettable show!" Steinfeld is a 'Master of Magic', he invents many of his own Las Vegas illusions that are designed in England, fabricated in Vegas, and travels with him on tour, in a explosion of amazing fun. THE MUST-SEE SHOW - YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT! AROUND THE WORLD AND BACK, Adam Steinfeld: 'MAGIC LIVE!', from Monte Carlo, Hong Kong, Orlando, Miami Beach, Biloxi, Boston, San Juan, New York, Aruba to Vegas, it's the coolest show in town, taking up where Houdini left off." MAGIC - GRAND ILLUSION - COMEDY Magic Live!® is a registered USPTO trademark of Adam Steinfeld

Monday, June 15, 2009

AMAZINGLY FUNNY!...LIVE ON STAGE! Magic Live!® show starring Adam Steinfeld "I LAUGHED SO HARD MY STOMACH HURT!" ASTONISHING! EXCITING! MYSTFYING! FUN! NIGHT MAGIC: ADAM STEINFELD MAGIC LIVE! theater show "HIP GRAND ILLUSIONS and HILARIOUS COMEDY...TOUR DE FORCE SHOW!" "THE SHORTEST DISTANCE BETWEEN WOW AND LAUGH YOUR BUTT-OFF FUNNY!" PHOTO: IN A FLASH... Adam Steinfeld, star of Magic Live!® show, presents, live on stage, one of the fastest illusions on earth. Amazing magic. You won't believe what your eyes are telling you! Magician, Adam Steinfeld and MagicBabe dancers, Victoria (in box), & Debby. MagicBabe dancers; Victoria (center) & Linda (right) Magic Live!® is a registered USPTO trademark of Adam Steinfeld

Sunday, June 14, 2009

REAL MAGIC: Story about globe-trotting professional magician, ADAM STEINFELD, appearing in HONG KONG, China.

ADAM STEINFELD, at, 'the World Magic Awards', in los angeles Magic Live!® is a USPTO registed trademark of Adam Steinfeld