Wednesday, April 15, 2015

MAGICMAN, Adam Steinfeld, star 
of the Magic Live!®
 ...comedy on the beach shows, 
pulls MAGIC out of his laptop, on the net and live stage shows. 

South Florida, magician, comedian, writer, director, producer, Adam Steinfeld, discusses branding, of his trademark, Magic Live!®  network, and why magic shows work well, in all art forms, such as, a live stage show, network television...on the net, and highly interactive, comedy magic. 

Steinfeld's, MAGIC LIVE!® see it live, comedy on the beach show, ran close to 10 years, over 2,300 shows, at a several upscale tourist casino beach resorts, in Aruba, now, back in his hometown of, South Florida, Mr. Steinfeld, see's an expansion of his "Magic Live!®  shows, in casino's, or live show attractions, to create a permanent "Magic" theater, that tourists, and locals will return over and over again.  


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