Thursday, April 22, 2010

UNBELIEVABLE, Amazingly Funny! ...finally Magic is fun again! Adam Steinfeld MAGIC LIVE!® SHOWTIME: 9pm nightly, (7 nights per week) Location: Westin-aruba, highrise area theater opens: 8:30PM Starring: Adam Steinfeld What: Comedy Magic, Grand Illusion show. Cost: $19.95 (under 15), $34.95 adult ALL AGES APPROPRIATE TICKETS AVAILABLE: AT THEATER OF ILLUSIONS box office located in Westin lobby starting at 7:30pm nightly up until showtime, or at front desk at anytime. Magic Live! is USPTO, registered trademark of magician, Adam Steinfeld in use since 1999.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Amazingly Funny!
...finally Magic is fun again!
Palm Beach, Aruba.
Master magician, ADAM STEINFELD, displays amazing feats of; card manipulation, comedy and grand illusions.
PHOTO BY: Rosalie Klein
MAGIC Live!® theater of illusions comedy show starring Adam Steinfeld.
"GREAT!, FANTASTIC! ...I've seen your show 3 times, I could see you over and over again".
See It Live! on stage....9PM nightly
(7 nights per week),
at the Westin, aruba, palm beach , highrise area.
Tickets may be purchased at the new MagicLive! box office in hotel lobby after; 7:30pm up until 9pm showtime,
or Westin-aruba concierge's desk at any time.
MAGIC LIVE! theater located off main lobby.
..."COME TO MY SHOW OR I'LL SHOOT THE GORILLA!" says, Adam Steinfeld, star of; MagicLive! theater-of-illusions comedy show, at the Westin-aruba, 9pm nightly, (7 days per week).
..a lot of fun from start to finish, laugh out-loud funny, a thrill ride, intelligent sophisticated, unconventional grand illusions, that will keep you asking how the heck did he do that!
Magic Live!® theater-of-illusions show Westin - Aruba, palm beach (high-rise area)
starring, comedy magician, illusionist, ADAM STEINFELD
ShowTime: 9:00 pm, nightly, (7 days a week)
theater opens at: 8:30pm
Tickets: at the door or Westin-aruba front desk Box office opens at: 7:30pm nightly
Price: $19.95 (under 15),
$34.95 adults
Group Sales:
Magic Live!® is a registered USPTO, United States Trademark of, magician Adam Steinfeld in use since 1999.