Thursday, June 16, 2016

MAGIC LIVE!® starring Adam Steinfeld, an American magician/comedian, filmmaker; based in South Florida, tours the World and back, and his many live shows, series, and online network brands.

MAGIC LIVE!®  is a USPTO registered trademark of Adam Steinfeld, 
in use since, 1999. 

2nd BEST magician, in the whole-wide WORLD!
a film by Adam Steinfeld
starring, actress, Rita Ritvin

magician, Adam Steinfeld
genre: Comedy

sub-genre: Magic-Mockumentary, Fictional History

one of my new COMEDY short film projects now complete, starring actress, Rita Ritvin, I entered it, in a few film-festivals, features innovative grand illusions more news soon. 

goodbye, to the Greatest Magician, Ali, long before the term "Street Magic" became popular, Muhammad Ali presented magic tricks, around the world and a frequent visitor to many magic shops. 
(Photo: Ali,  laughs it up, at Biscayne Magic, 1978 in South Florida)